Benefits of Lincoln Martial Arts Karate Training

Karate training in a traditional dojo provides the individual student with a proven pathway for the development of every aspect of life. Every day we are faced with decisions that influence our actions. Karate training has the ability to change the way we make decisions and perceive the challenges in our lives.

It is true that karate provides skills in self-defense like no other martial art. It is direct, forceful, comprehensive, and effective. Karate training in our dojo includes traditional weapons. This adds a significant and demanding element to the training.

The training improves focus, decision making, and discipline at all levels. This is particularly beneficial for children. Children make decisions on an emotional level and may act on impulse without being aware of consequence. The disciplined environment of the karate dojo and the demands of training help to develop focus and raises the level of awareness the student has of both other people and their own environment. This development leads to improved decision making ability particularly with children.

Some individuals for one reason or another have a tendency to gain weight. This influences many aspects of their lives including physical, emotional, and psychological health. Training in the dojo can be a major component of weight loss and control. Good physical exercise in a controlled setting where a regular program is maintained can lead to improved cardiac and respiratory health as well as weight loss and the development of muscle tone.